Christmas 2015 at the BPKFL

If you are lucky enough to spend Christmas in the Keys, then you know that the Big Pine Key Fishing Lodge is the place to be. There are so many magical things that happen during Christmas here on Big Pine. From Santa coming by boat to a special homemade Christmas dinner, here are some of the highlights of what made our holiday season special in 2015.

In the rest of the world, Santa is stuck delivering presidents via a cumbersome sled led by reindeer. How old-fashioned! Here in the Keys, Santa and Mrs. clause come to visit in style, gliding along the water until they reach shore, where they are greeted by an enthusiastic crowd singing Christmas carols. Once they arrive, Christmas is officially in season.

Santa and Mrs. clause make a dashing couple, and they are always bring with them lots of Christmas cheer and warm smiles for all of our guests. Once they got settled on Sun Beach they took a moment to listen to all the Christmas wishes from kids young and old alike.

Christmas dinner is another big highlight of holidays at the big pine key fishing line. Dinner was held on Sunday, December 20 this year and Joan and her team of volunteers made every single dish from scratch. Rest assured that love and holiday wishes are added to every pie crust, every loaf of bread, and every bite of stuffing! As always, we could not have pulled off feeding every guest without a dedicated team of volunteers serving and cleaning up. We appreciate their hard work and hope that you will take a moment to thank them for their efforts when you see them around camp.

They are:
Cash Box: Vinny Ferrara, Bob Sentineal
Invocation: Tom or Hilde
Table Decorations: Kay Annunziato, Dorothy Ross
Carriers: Dan Millen, Tom Cousins, Bill Barbosa, Tom Woolsey
Meat Server:  George Leppa, Jed Scanlon
Servers:  Carol P, Suzie F, Jim, Bill B, Tom W, Gail B, Mary S, Lois W, Tom C, Beth, Ruth
Tea and Coffee: Brian and Jill Smith
Trays: Bob and Barb, Caroline and Doug, Jean and Ragnar M
Pies: Sarah, Mary, Lois
Table Clean-up: Sarah, Wayne, Ginny
Runner: Dave

The Christmas Eve play is another highlight of the holidays, and this year was no exception. During the show we were able to peek in on a BPKFL family as they reflected on their experiences during a past Christmas and the Christmas witch that visited them. Of course, you couldn’t tell a story about a witch at Christmas without hilarity ensuing, and this tale delivered!

Special thanks to everyone who participated and made the evening a success!




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