Ringing in 2016 at the BPKFL

The new year is an opportunity to set the tone for the year to follow, and if you want to spend lots of times in the Keys, it only makes sense to be in the Keys when you kick off the new year. For those guests lucky enough to join us, the new year is a chance to put the old year behind us and look ahead to all the wonderful things the new year will bring.

Our 2016 New Year’s activities had many highlights. As usual we hosted a skit and a dance for all our guests and a great time was had by all. The annual hat contest gives our guests to show off their creative side, and this year the contestants did not disappoint! We had several very interesting submissions, including one very large inflatable shark hat!

The hat contest with only the beginning of the fun we would have that night. With everyone gathered in the rec room to dance and enjoy the music, it only made sense to have a dance contest. With several categories to choose from, there was a dance for every person in attendance. Who knew there was so much dancing talent at the BPKFL!

As we got ready to usher in the new year, David East, our New Year’s baby, began his campaign to secure votes for his bid as an independent candidate for president. David’s platform included several reforms that were fishing friendly and he distinguished himself as being the only candidate interested in promoting and protecting fishing in the Florida Keys. Campaigning on his behalf were all of the New Year’s babies from last year’s skit. They happily mingled in the crowd stumping up support for our favored candidate.





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