Thanksgiving 2016 -So much to celebrate!

On Monday, November 21, the BPKFL celebrated Thanksgiving with 142 of our closest friends and family. As usual, all the traditional dishes were on display in a long, bountiful buffet staffed by a dedicated team of volunteers.  Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy were just the start. As our guests moved through the line they were also treated to Joan’s signature corn casserole, homemade bread and cranberry sauce. As if this weren’t enough, this cornucopia of delights was capped off with a choice of pumpkin or cherry pie with whipped cream… DELIGHTFUL.

Of course, the entire dinner would not have been possible without the efforts of our tireless volunteers, from resupplying the food to serving, there is no limit to what these generous souls will do to bring this wonderful tradition to life.

Cash Box:  Bob Sentineal, Vinnie Ferrera

Invocation:  Sue Creswell

Table Decorations:  Joni Millen, Gail Barbosa

Food Carriers: Dan Millen, Tom Cousins, Bill Barbosa, Tom Woolsey, David Grossman

Meat Server:  George Leppa

Servers: Gail Barbosa, Carol Pringle, Sue Creswell, Tom Woolsey

Tea/Water: Jill and Brian Smith

Trays:  Lindsey, Nathan, Bobby Lyn, Nick

Pies: Joan Cottrell, Mary Sentineal, Lois Woolsey

Pie Carrier:  Tom Cousin

Table Clean-Up: Mary’s Family

There is not enough gratitude to express how much we appreciate Shirley Leppa and Mary Sentineal for cooking with Joan behind the scenes to create the magical dishes that make Thanksgiving such a special time to be at the BPKFL.




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