Christmas Dinner 2016

Christmas dinner is a very special part of spending the holidays at the Big Pine Key Fishing Key Fishing Lodge. Dinner was held on Tuesday, December 20. A big storm popped up and washed out the decorations, but our intrepid staff and volunteers worked together to get everything ready before the first guest arrived. From there, the weather cooperated beautifully, and we had a night of gorgeous, mild temperatures and gorgeous Florida Keys skies. Truly, a beautiful, beautiful night to celebrate the holiday season.

Joan and her team of volunteers took on the challenge of making every single dish from scratch. Rest assured that love and holiday wishes are added to every pie crust, every loaf of bread, and every bite of stuffing! A big thank you to Shirley Leppa, Mary Sentineal for leading the cooking efforts and to every one of the meat carvers, potato peelers, and pie bakers that worked together to make the night a success.

As always, we could not have pulled off such a monumental effort of every guest without a dedicated team of volunteers serving and cleaning up. We appreciate their hard work and hope that you will take a moment to thank them for their efforts when you see them around camp.

They are:

Cash Box:  Vinny Ferrara, Bob Sentineal

Invocation: Ron S

Table Decorations: Kay Annunziato, Dorothy Ross, Laurie K, Bob/Barb

Carriers: Dan K, Tom Cousins, Jim A, Tom Woolsey

Meat Servers: George Leppa, Dave A

Servers: Ruth/Jim A, Carol/John M, Tom W, Shirley B, Donna R, Marie G, Dan/Peggy K, Suzie

Tea/Coffee: Brian and Jill Smith

Trays: Lindsey and Nathan, Pat, Sarah

Pies: Lois, Tom, Beth, Sandy

Table Clean-Up: Ron and Bonnie

Runner: Dave G



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