BPKFL Christmas Eve 2016

If you weren’t lucky enough to be at the Big Pine Key Fishing Lodge for Christmas Eve, we hope that you were in the company and family and friends wherever you were. As for us, Christmas Eve was filled with all the things you remember: Santa and Mrs. Claus(s) coming by boat, the famous Christmas Eve skit, free cookies and chocolate milk for the kids, and Joan’s famous frozen chocolate cherry concoction for the grown-ups.

Santa and Mrs. Claus(s) made landfall around 5 pm; guided as always by Vicki and Jay Gladwell. Their boat came ashore on the canal at site 19, where there was candy and Ho! Ho! Ho’s! for everyone on shore. Kids of all ages gathered to welcome Santa to Sun Beach, and get their chance to sit on his lap and tell him their Christmas wishes.

Special thanks to Mike and Laurie Kingman for playing the role of Santa and Mrs. Claus(s)!

Later, everyone gathered in the Rec Room for our annual Christmas Eve skit. This year, the skit recreated the strange events that took place during Santa and Mrs. Claus(s)’ visit to Sun Beach. One report said that the water in front of the boat had miraculously flattened out, and another report said that a burst of snowfall had covered Santa and Mrs. Claus(s) during their visit. This, of course, resulted in a flurry of interest in the Big Pine Key Fishing Lodge by the media.

The skit started off with some musings about BPKFL Christmas Eves from the past by our own Lisa Gladwell, which was followed by some very serious reporters trying to get to the bottom of all the Christmas Spirit floating around the BPKFL! These reporters were after a big Christmas story and they would not give up until they got to the bottom of it all.  During their investigation, they spoke with several long-standing guests of the BPKFL including Bob Murphy and Bob Haken. The skit was closed by Hans Hofmann, our illustrious MC with some inspiring words that totally summed up the season.

Hans Hofmann, our illustrious MC, summed up the night’s events with some inspiring words that totally summed up the season:

You have just heard live interviews of eyewitnesses that there is A Christmas Spirit traveling with Mr. and Mrs. Claus through the Florida Keys tonight. Our conclusion is that the old Spirit of Christmas is out and that the new Spirit is in. We have all experienced The Spirit of Christmas in our gift lists, cards, Christmas lights and family dinners. This is very different than The spirits of Christmas that visited Scrooge in the classic Christmas Carol story.  Those spirits were ghostly and scary.  The new Christmas Spirit that we experienced here tonight was fun and played tricks on us, and never the less, has made believers of us all. Let’s go back again to when Santa Claus played a big role in our lives and we will wish everyone a Merry Christmas, in a world that is as kind as a child can imagine it. 

The skit closed with Analee Calhoun (Joan’s granddaughter and Lisa’s daughter) coming on stage to finish her letter to Santa. She asked Hans, “I know how to spell Santa, but how do you spell Claus?” Hans and the entire camp audience were more than happy to help her out, by spelling Claus(s) for her the BPKFL way:

C -L – A – U – S – S!

Special thanks to our entire cast:  Mike and Laurie Kingman  – Mr. and Mrs. Claus (Boat and Beach), Hans Hofmann, Donna Rocheleau, Sarah McCarson, Lisa Gladwell Calhoun and Analee Calhoun, David Grossman, Kelvin Stratton








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